There are many ways that you can support the Royal Engineers Museum, for example, by making a donation to one of our appeals, making a regular donation, becoming a member of the Friends or leaving a gift in your will.


Fundraising Appeals



Mulberry Harbour was a feat of engineering design and installation. A truly war-winning project that contributed in no small way to the success of the Normandy Invasion in 1944, getting Britain and her allies back onto Continental Europe.

We hold 7,500 of the wartime technical plans and drawings used for the manufacture of these amazing constructions. However, the plans are now in urgent need of conservation to repair crushing and tearing caused by poor storage. The plans require more detail research and digitisation so that they can be better understood and made publically available.

We are hoping to raise £190,000 to ensure their future.

Please contact us for more information or donate here.



The Endowment Fund was established to ensure that the Museum has long  term financial security.

Money from the investment of the Fund contributes directly to the annual running costs of the Museum, our care of the collection and education services. It has also supported the creation of new galleries, roof, Pasley Research Centre and James Forbes Centre. During 2020-21 it was essential in supporting the Museum through the Covid-19 pandemic, enabling us to retain staff and ensuring a quick recovery of our services.

We are keen to build this critical resource and have set a target for it to reach £2million by 2030.

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The Museum is trying to raise £5000 for the refurbishment of its old School’s Room. We hope to turn the bland and uninspiring room into an engaging and appealing space for school groups, showcasing work produced by our STEM Club, and providing a ‘Chill Out’ space for families during our Quiet Afternoons.

Please contact us for more information or donate here.



After you have looked after your loved ones, leaving a gift in your Will to the Museum (no matter how small) will help and support us to develop and preserve the Museum, its collections and learning and community programme for future generations to enjoy just as you have done.

Your gift is a fantastic way to support the vital core activity of the Museum.   

There are a number of other options for leaving gifts to the Museum, which your solicitor or legal adviser can discuss with you, and tailor to suit your individual wishes and circumstances.

It is important to us that we are able to thank and recognise your support during your lifetime. Do please let us know of your plans, as we would like to discuss your wishes with you and ensure that your legacy is remembered for years to come.

Please contact us for more information or to inform us of your plans.