#shoplocal : Pure Wix


Throughout our digital Wartime Christmas event we’re showcasing a range of fantastic local businesses, to show our support and encourage our followers to #shoplocal!

In today’s blog we’re getting to know Karen, the founder of Pure Wix, a small independent company who create luxury candles using Eco Soy Waxes and sustainably sourced Natural fragrances.

Tell us about yourself! When did you start crafting?

I only started crafting in 2014 when I went on a soap making course which I had always been interested in, from making soaps I started looking into candles and discovered how many are made with paraffin wax which is incredibly bad for us and for the planet.

What got you into it?

Nearly all the large, well known companies use paraffin wax so I wanted to do something different and discovered that I could make something that smelt amazing and was a real joy to make, as well as being able to find out full provenance of the ingredients, ensuring that it is all cruelty free, biodegradable, sustainable and recyclable.

I then started taking them to work, asking the girls in the office to try them. They started asking to buy them and the rest is history!

‘I love all the Christmas fragrances that invoke such special memories for people.’

What inspires you?

Candles are so seasonal with their fragrance, but customer requests also give me new ideas. I actually started to produce wax melts because of a request!

Our wax melts also come with rapeseed oil tea lights, packed in 100% compostable casing as I didn’t want to sell something that I knew people would have to use paraffin wax tea lights on.

I spend alot of time reaseraching my ingredients and packaging – all our ribbon is made from reclaimed ocean plastic and we use biodegrable bubbel wrap and wood wool! I’m currently looking at eco friendly diffusers using an eco base, natural reeds (most are plastic) and recyclable bottles with no plastic stoppers!

What’s your favourite thing to create for Christmas?

I love all the Christmas fragrances that invoke such special memories for people – knowing that I am helping make someone’s Christmas is a wonderful feeling.

What are some of your most popular items?

My most popular fragrances are Gingerbread and also Frankincense and Myrrh. This is very closely followed by Mistletoe Kiss, which is a gorgeous fresh herbal Christmas candle!

We had to ask you some Christmassy ones too! Do you have a favourite Christmas song?

My favourite traditional carol has to be ‘Once in Royal Davids City’ and a modern favourite has to be Chris Rea ‘Driving home for Christmas’, it’s so jolly!

Do you have any must-do Christmas traditions?

On Christmas Eve when all the shops have shut and its too late to do anything else, I love having a glass of champagne and a delicious supper with my partner and the dog with the Christmas lights on and of course at least one candle lit!

And finally, what’s your favourite thing to eat at Christmas?

Oh my goodness so much choice – I think it has to be cold turkey and stuffing sandwiches with loads of pepper and mayonnaise followed by a slice of Christmas cake.

29 November 2020