#shoplocal: Ida & Magpie


Throughout our digital Wartime Christmas event we’re showcasing a range of fantastic local businesses, to show our support and encourage our followers to #shoplocal!

In today’s blog we’re getting to know Jaclyn, founder of Ida & Magpie, who creates stunning, unique jewellery and cremation/memorial keepsakes.

Tell us about yourself! When did you start crafting?

I’ve always loved jewellery and when I went on maternity leave the first time round I couldn’t shake the idea of making jewellery. I purchased an online jewellery making course, but it didn’t inspire me as I’m more hands on. 

I went back to work, and it was only during maternity leave with my 2nd that I bit the bullet and enrolled in an actual real life jewellery making course. Haven’t looked back since! I wanted to do something for me, and this is perfect. 

What got you into it?

Just my love of all things jewellery.  Earrings in particular. I love earrings!!!! The bigger and dangler the better!!

What inspires you?

Everything really. My mood, what bands I’m listening too at the time. Colours…. and earrings. Did I mention earrings?  Everthing that I make, certainly new designs, are things that I would wear myself.

Which makes it hard to sell as I just want to keep everything!

What’s your favourite thing to create for Christmas?

I really love creating a wide range of unique and special pieces that people would love to receive. Everyone is different so I try to use a range of colours & shapes.

What are some of your most popular items?

Mmmmm, some of the most popular are the Cremation jewellery and Ruby rings. I also do a lot of custom requests so never be afraid to drop me a line if nothing quite tickles your fancy!

We had to ask you some Christmassy ones too! Do you have a favourite Christmas song?

The Pogues, Fairytale of New York.  Obviously! Wouldn’t be Christmas without listening to his dulcet tones.

Do you have any must-do Christmas traditions?

We love going to see Father Christmas at the local Garden centre, but there’s always last minute presents & wrapping (mostly from the other half) and lots fun. I’ve got two small children so it’s just carnage! 

And finally, what’s your favourite thing to eat at Christmas?

Everything! The diet is non-existent for that week.

2 December 2020