MUSEUM HIGHLIGHT: Wellington’s Waterloo Map

No visit to the Museum would be complete without seeing one of our star objects; the Waterloo Map.  Housed in a cutting-edge display opened as part of our commemorations for Waterloo 200, the map was used by the Duke of Wellington before Waterloo to inform his decision as to where to fight the battle. It still bears the Duke’s pencil marks!

The display features modern technology including a “smart glass” display case which blocks harmful UV light when the map is not being viewed and becomes clear when visitors are present. The state-of-the art system is used in just a handful of museums around the world. The Gallery also includes an engaged interactive touchscreen providing a unique view into the events of the day and the lead up to the battle, as well as a chance to explore the map in great detail.

This is a permanent display and entrance is included in the standard admission prices.

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