Ubique [oo-bee-kwe] – by Laura Fisher (4)

“Archives exists in the present, yet their endless “waiting without forgetting” locates them in the past.” Ubique [oo-bee-kwe] brings together eight dynamic graduating photographers from UCA Rochester in collaboration with REMLA (Royal Engineers Museum Library and Archive). In response to the archive the diverse photographers created individual works which shed new light on the historical material.

Follow the work of the students through their blog posts, and through a springtime exhibition.

Laura Fisher, Part 4:

I have titled my final piece ‘In Memoriam’, in memory of the young Royal Engineers Officers that I have spent the last 4 weeks researching. During the First World War, 3 of the young men were injured and 2 others died of their wounds. They were all born around 1890 and are now all deceased. The words In Memoriam, followed by a name, have been found on epitaphs, monuments and gravestone and in obituaries.

I wanted to bring these young officers out of the darkness of the archive and into the light. Each portraits bears their signature. Signatures are unique traces of a person’s hand, a proof of their identity.

Printing their images onto fabric was a way of giving the photographs substance and texture, making them touchable and warm, and bringing them back to life.

I am still unsure what to do with Herbert Ronald Sandford. His portrait, fittingly, bears a question mark and he was accidently omitted from the tunic. I will endeavour to find a way to incorporate him into the exhibition.