Ubique [oo-bee-kwe] – by Laura Fisher (3)

“Archives exists in the present, yet their endless “waiting without forgetting” locates them in the past.” Ubique [oo-bee-kwe] brings together eight dynamic graduating photographers from UCA Rochester in collaboration with REMLA (Royal Engineers Museum Library and Archive). In response to the archive the diverse photographers created individual works which shed new light on the historical material.

Follow the work of the students through their blog posts, and through a springtime exhibition.

Laura Fisher, Part 3:

Next, I had to plan time with Nina, our technician, to use the Black and White darkroom to create my hand printed fabric. Nina mixed the cyanotype solutions together the day before. I mixed them together on the day and coated the calico fabric with the mixture.

I had 5 panel pieces that I cut using my pattern to gauge an idea of size. I had also prior to this stage made up a mock up garment to get a visual idea of how the tunic would look. I then had to wait for the fabric to dry.

I did some tests and had intended to sequence the images but this all went awry as I couldn’t really see what I was doing in the dark. I did tests at 30 secs, I min and 5 mins, before opting for 8 mins for my exposures.

Once the fabric had been exposed, rinsed and dried I cut the pieces out and stitched them together using the sewing machine. Interfacing was used to give more substance to the collar and front panels where the buttons were to go. My failed attempts at buttonholes led me to be inventive and use nail varnish to seal the slits.

Sewing on the buttons, making the cuffs and sewing on the collar badges finished the piece.