Ubique [oo-bee-kwe] – by Laura Fisher (2)

“Archives exists in the present, yet their endless “waiting without forgetting” locates them in the past.” Ubique [oo-bee-kwe] brings together eight dynamic graduating photographers from UCA Rochester in collaboration with REMLA (Royal Engineers Museum Library and Archive). In response to the archive the diverse photographers created individual works which shed new light on the historical material.

Follow the work of the students through their blog posts, and through a springtime exhibition.

Laura Fisher, Part 2:


After receiving positive feedback from my proposal I have begun my project in earnest.

I have continued my research into the young Royal Engineers Officers. I have also continued my artist research including Anna Atkins, Natasha Kerr, Annie Lopez, Julia Margaret Cameron and Jana Sterbak.

This week I have printed images onto fine art paper; made digital negatives and hand printed

cyanotypes onto calico fabric in readiness for making the blazer. I have been in contact with

some friends for advise on making a garment – something I haven’t really done before. One friend kindly donated some military style buttons for my project.

Towards the end of the week I cut out the blazer pieces using an adapted pattern and have begun its construction. So far I have sewn together the two fronts, the back and the sleeves. Things are finally taking shape.